SCM Script V3.0 Released

2019-12-07 08:35:57

Hello friends.

I am pleased to bring you the new version of SCM, with bug fixes reported since version 2.7 and the addition of new features to make it even better.

Check out the news of the version:

  1. System Rebuilt in Codeigniter Framework
  2. Enhanced security with xss and sql injection protection
  3. IPN bug fix
  4. Site style fixes to make it more responsive
  5. Fixes for other minor bugs
  6. Added: Admin Management
  7. Added: Theme Change System
  8. Added: Pending Transaction Limiting System
  9. Added: Choose payment operation method (api or gateway)
  10. Changed: New install wizard, with transaction hash generator and option to change admin url
  11. Changed: Affiliate Balance Integrated with Master Balance
  12. Changed: Free plan can now also expire
  13. Added: User registration now requires password
  14. Added: User must enter an email to be able to purchase upgrades
  15. Added: Password Recovery System
  16. Added: Payment page for pending transactions
  17. Changed: Documentation with more information and tips

To download, simply login to your account and access the downloads section.

In the coming days I will be updating the themes and addons to work with version 3.0. Therefore, if you have purchased any of the themes or addons, just wait that soon they will be updated to work on SCM V3.

Update 11-12-19: All addons and themes have already been updated.

I hope you enjoy this new version and wish you success for your projects created with the new SCM V3.

Best regards


Smarty Scripts