PHP 8 and Updating Scripts, Themes and Addons

2022-05-03 15:26:04

Due to the release of PHP 8/8.1 and the discontinuation of PHP 7.0->7.3, I am updating scripts, themes and addons available on the site. This process might take a while until I finish updating everything, but I'm doing my best to finish it as soon as possible so I can get on with creating new projects.

SCM was the first to receive a new version v3.15 already compatible with PHP 8, in addition to including some fixes and improvements to make it even better. ProMiner has also been updated for Laravel 8, and soon SDS and CryptoBux will also receive updates to work with PHP 8.

If you update your site, or perform a new installation using the latest versions of the scripts and find any bugs/errors, please contact me so that I can help you identify and correct any problems that may arise due to these updates.

Best regards


Smarty Scripts