Next project: ProMiner - Cloud Mining Script

2019-06-08 19:59:19

Hello friends.

I'm announcing that I'm already working on a new cloud mining script, which will be named ProMiner. This script will have all the features of SCM, but created from scratch using Laravel Framework as a base, making the system much safer; as well as adding new features.

Main Features


. Template system with 3 themes available

. Managed FAQ on Admin

. Registration with validation of addresses and limited to 1 account per IP

. Manual or automatic payments with integration (maybe there will be integration with Coinpayments as well)

This script will be sold as a service and will work as follows:

- The buyer will receive access to site administration

- FTP access to folders of themes of the site, being able to make modifications where necessary

- You will not have access to the main script code

- Technical support and automatic updates made by me, you will not have to worry about doing script maintenance/update

- Hosting and domains included in the value of the service valid for 1 year

- In case the buyer wants to close the site before the end of the 1 year term, the hosting account will be released after the script is removed, and you can use the hosting plan for other projects and / or websites

At the moment there is no deadline for script completion, so little prediction of what the final value of the service will be, but it will be a good choice for anyone who wants to start their project without worrying about technical issues, maintenance or script updates. Anyone who is already a customer knows the honesty and seriousness of my work, so you can be sure that this new project will have all these qualities you already know.

Best regards