News about SCM and ProMiner

2019-12-21 06:57:59

Here are two important notices about SCM and ProMiner.



I made minor corrections to the templates and updated the version 3.1 files for all of them. If you downloaded the files before today, re-download the 3.1 files from SCM or the themes you purchased and discard the old file because the new one already has minor fixes.



If you already have an active site, simply update the 2 files below that will not interfere with the operation of your site. If you have made any changes to these files, just compare the new version with yours and update your file with the corrections made (if you understand PHP you will notice what has changed).



ProMiner is temporarily unavailable for new purchases. The reason is that in a while, it will no longer be sold as SAAS (software as a service) and will start selling the source code as it does with other scripts.

There is no set deadline for this to happen because I am currently working on another project. Customers with active sites can still renew the service normally, by the time it is sold back to the site in the new format I will advise active customers on what to do to get the active site database and migrate to their own hosting services.

Best regards


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