New Smarty Scripts site, CryptoBux launch and more.

2019-06-13 14:13:57

Hello to all.

I am here to inform you about the news of the month of June here in Smarty Scripts.

New Site

After some time using OpenCart that met our needs well, we now have our own system developed to facilitate the use and access to information by our new and old customers. Also we have a new design lighter and more efficient than the previous one, in addition to new features that the previous site did not have, see the news:

  • Conversion of prices to crypto-coins(BTC and DOGE)
  • Product Inquiry Form on the product page itself
  • Product Reviews
  • 3 Product Types: Open Source - for our 100% open source scripts. Saas - for ProMiner and other future scripts. Licensed - for our scripts that have a license system
  • Access to documentation of all our scripts through our website
  • New License Management System

Notice for Old Clients

If you have previously made a purchase on our site and want to gain access to purchased products again, please follow the procedure below.

1. Create a new account, using the same email or a new one (if you have exchanged emails)

2. Make a new purchase of each of the products that you previously bought and in the payment option select the "Import from the Old Store"

3. Contact us by email or the contact page and tell us the email of your new account, and the numbers of your orders on the old site. Once your information is confirmed, your orders on the new site will be updated and you will again have access to the download links for the products.


As promised, our new PTC script focused on crypto coins is finally available for purchase. Visit our store and see the official demo, list of functionalities and prices.

SCM / DogeMiner

This script has been discontinued for a while, but has been a successful sales and many other successful business customers. So I have some new updates and is now available in version 2.5 with some minor fixes, plus a new theme for investors and soon also a new addon. I hope you enjoy the news I've prepared for him.


Our Saas Cloud Mining system which has also had a good result in sales and met the needs our customers also received some news. Now users can use the account balance to buy new mining plans, as well as the ability to use Dash and zCash.

It took a while, but now we have all these news ready for you all. I hope you enjoy the news and that these news can help you even more in your business.

And once again I would like to thank all of our customers who have purchased our scripts over the course of the time.

Best regards