New script and new store!

2019-06-08 20:01:21

After some time planning on what will be the new project to be developed, I started working on it and it is almost finished, only missing some final tests and small adjustments.

I introduce you: CryptoBux, the new ptc script with focus on crypto coins from SmartyScripts. I will not go into detail about the features but I am sure it will meet the need of many people who have already contacted me by wanting an embedded PTC script to receive crypto coins (even if some of the major scripts in that market have such features) . 

Another novelty is that I am working on the creation of a new store that will replace OpenCart, which is currently used on our site. I started using OpenCart because at the time I need a store ready to focus my time only on the development of my scripts and not waste much time creating a store of my own, but now with the coming of CryptoBux and new projects that are also part of my plans for to be launched in the future, it was necessary to invest my time to create a system for integration with other resources that will be used from now on to make the process as automated as possible.

Soon everyone will be able to see the new store in action, and they will also be able to see more details about CryptoBux. I am very anxious to finish all this and see working, and I hope you like the news as much as I do.

From now on, I thank all the clients who have trusted me and have purchased my scripts and also recommended it to others; I am happy to know that my work is well recognized and that my scripts have been useful to each of you online businesses.

Hug to everyone.