DogeMiner / LiteMiner Cloud Mining Script - Upcoming Update

2019-06-08 19:58:46

From the next update of this script, it will no longer be called Dogeminer / Liteminer and will be renamed SMC - Simple Cloud Mining Script.

This script was created to serve a specific customer, who owned Dogecoin mining rigs and wanted to raise investors to be able to invest in more rigs. After completing the service of this client, I realized that the same script could be reused for other currencies and also for more investors spread out the world, since then I have been working on several bug fixes and also making some interesting improvements in it.

Since it can be used with any of the more than 700 coins available in CoinPayments, nothing is fairer than renaming it to a name that lives up to this wide range of possibilities, so now it will have a new name.

Now that you know a little bit of the story behind the creation of this script, let's list some of the news from the next update.

Changelog for V2.0


  • Bug correction on Profit Calculator.xlsx
  • Bug correction on admin login
  • Changes on plans management on admin
  • New admin theme
  • Social links
  • Network transaction query url on the payments page
  • Managing Network Transaction Query URLs in admin
  • Changes in character limitation on user registration
  • Changes to generate urls more correctly
  • Fixes in the Liteminer theme
  • Themes can now be purchased separately
  • New site themes

I hope you like the news.

Best regards


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