August News

2020-08-27 17:33:11

Hello friends.

See a summary of some news that happened recently on our website.

Bitcoin Microwallet Platform script launched

This project was an idea that I had already thought about doing some time ago, I ended up finding a script with this functionality by chance on a website and studied its source code in depth to understand how it worked.

It was then that I decided to create my own microwallet script with more security features and other useful features that the other script did not have. After a few weeks of work I managed to finish the first version of BMP and made it available for sale on the website.

This project is a specific base for Bitcoin and has integration only with Blockchain, I know that many have already asked me to include other currencies and new integrations, but these requests will be fulfilled in the future in another more complete, complex and consequently cost project bigger, don't worry, just wait for this project to be developed at some point.

New Designs and Site Improvements

I decided to invest a little more time in improvements to the main site and made some changes that were necessary, and now the site is better and with some corrections. I still intend to completely change the site design to a new and more modern one, but for now this will not be possible at the moment.

Among the improvements that have been made, the site is now registered on some evaluation platforms where you, customers, will be able to share your shopping experiences on our website so that others can see that we are a serious and legitimate business.

Therefore, if you have already purchased one or more of our scripts, feel free to share your opinion on one or more of the rating platforms listed below.

If you have any questions or problems, contact us by email, Discord or Telegram and I will be available to assist you.

Best regards